Judging Criteria

01. Originality of Innovation or Idea

  • The originality of the innovation
  • Research is done to evaluate on the originality of the innovation
  • The member of jurors who are given the right to conduct intellectual property searches (i.e. patent) on the innovation, jurors are also entrusted to decide the awarded points
  • Usefulness in solving problems
  • Due diligence

02. Applicability of Innovation or Idea

  • Is there any need for the innovation? Is the innovation of any use?
  • Does the innovation have any meaning or impact to life?
  • Does it help to solve any problems?
  • Prior to the effort to innovate, is there any research, for example market survey carried out, so that the innovation is tailored made with the market demand or industrial need, hence what is the application for the innovation?

03. Status of innovation or idea

  • At what stage is the innovation? Is the innovation at the bench scale/lab scale or is it already manufactured or commercialized?
  • If it is still at the bench scale, is it possible for upgrading to industrial scale? Does it require any improvement before the scaling process?
  • Is the product available or not? Is the exhibited product functional or not? Or is the product just a static model?
  • How tough or durable is the product? (Whenever applicable)

04. Commercializability

  • What is the anticipated market demand? Market size? Has any market research been done? Is it limited to only the local market or both locally and abroad
  • What is the market value? Potential revenue earned from the innovation. The innovation might be high demand but low in value, or low in demand but high in value
  • If the demand is high, is there any possibility of technology transfer

05. Presentation

  • Is there any reasonable effort being made in presenting the innovation?
  • Poster of reasonable size, easy to read and understand, especially to laymen. Ability to demonstrate any model/prototype available, functional or non-functional? Thoroughness in preparation
  • Pamphlet availability
  • Does the innovator know the subject matter well? Is there any scientific thought/engineering goal?
  • Can the presenter share their knowledge with others?